The Buying Process

The Buying Process

Be Sure Not to Ignore the Small Stuff

The majority of the home buyers today end up putting “the cart before the horse” and I get it…you want to move on to the EXCITING part! But in order to have the smoothest real estate experience, I can’t stress enough how important it is to follow these 8 steps!

Step 1: Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

 Before you even go online to look at properties, you should be talking with your mortgage specialist to learn and understand how much borrowing power you have. But I also do know that it is hard not to at least look to see what is out there. Just promise me this…before you physically go see a property, have a conversation with your mortgage specialist. In order to ensure a pleasurable experience, I can’t start off with you falling in love with a property only to find out later that you can’t afford it.

Don’t have a mortgage broker yet, or don’t know who to use? Well Here are 2 amazing mortgage brokers that I trust all my clients with:

Danny De Sousa with Metro Mortgage Solutions:   => APPLY NOW using Axiom’s Easy Online Mortgage Application Form

Lynda Picado with Canada Direct Mortgage:   => APPLY NOW using Canada Mortgage Direct’s Easy Online Mortgage Application Form

Step 2: Find Your REALTOR®

There are thousands of REALTORS® out there, over 3000 actually. Don’t just use your parents or friends REALTOR®, find one that suits your personality and your needs. Your ideal REALTOR® should also have real estate knowledge, the benefits or drawbacks of the communities you prefer to call home.

Once you have chosen me as your REALTOR®, I can then develop your needs / wants analysis, explain the costs of home ownership, set up a custom search. From there I can learn your likes and dislikes of a home’s style, floor plan / layout, and overall design.

Step 3: It’s Now Time to SHOP!!

And we’re just not going window shopping! Each home that we look at, we will thoroughly consider the advantages and disadvantages of the home to your lifestyle and needs, as well as take into consideration the condition of the home and the possibility of future repairs / upgrades that will be needed on the property. We will look at as many as it takes, but with a skilled REALTOR® like myself, you’ll be sure to narrow in on the right home each time you go shopping!

Step 4: Write Your Offer to Purchase

WOW!! You found your home…see that didn’t take long did it? Now here is where I really shine! Before we write the offer, we will look at the comparable properties that sold in the neighbourhood to determine the fair market value of the home (something only a licenced REALTOR® has access to). We now ready to sit down and put pen to paper, working through all the details (including your conditions for purchase, possession date, included and excluded goods) to ensure you are getting everything that you really want in this purchase.

P.S. Since you don’t ignore the important stuff, and you went and got pre-approved, you now have a much stronger offer then if you didn’t have that pre-approval…great job to you!!

Step 5: Condition Removal

Yep! In you offer to purchase that we wrote, you better believe I protected you with conditions like financing, property inspection and condo doc review (if applicable). During the time between acceptance and condition removal, I work with you to help satisfy all conditions. Congratulations the home is now YOURS!

Step 6: Meet with Your Lawyer

Crack those knuckles and stretch those fingers, because you have a pile of papers to sign! Your lawyer will review all the legalities of your purchase and explain the funds hand over on possession day. If you need a lawyer, don’t worry, I’ve worked hard at surrounding myself with the right professionals to ensure you have one that keeps your best interests in mind.

Step 7: Possession Day!

Everyone’s favorite day has arrived! There are many phone calls that happen today behind the scenes between me, your mortgage professional, and your lawyer, but you don’t have to worry about any of that…you just need to keep an eye out for one call. MINE telling you that we have the keys to your new home! Then we will set up a time to meet at the property, so I can hand you the keys to your NEW HOME! First, we need to go inside and complete a final walkthrough and ensure that everything is as we initially viewed. Once satisfied, I give you the keys and leave you to reflect on the entire process and take in the fact that you officially OWN this home.

Step 8: Move in and Enjoy Your New Home

Moving day should take place after possession day. In other words, don’t book movers for the same day as possession (in the event of possession delays, it’s best to avoid as many headaches as possible). Once you are moved in, it is my promise to you to be available should you have any questions about your home. The transaction may be complete, but I will always view you as my client and friend.

So, let’s get started on your own journey of becoming a HOME OWNERcontact me today!

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