Services Offered by Paulo

Services Offered by Paulo

Helping You Buy Your Home

To help ensure you make the right real estate investment for you and your family, your real estate agent plays a very crucial role. Through my commitment to a smooth and seamless transaction, I take great pride in helping my clients find exactly what they are looking for. I help break down the process of buying a home in Edmonton into a series of easy to follow and straight forward steps. This makes it easier for my clients to understand the process of buying a home, as well as what needs to be done next therefore allowing them to make correct and informed decisions. It’s important to remember that the quality of representation provided by your agent will be instrumental in creating the path of success to your real estate purchase. I strive provide my clients through Exclusive Buyer Representation the protection and dedication to exceed expectations in finding you the right home. I’ll always pay close attention to your budget and requirements in a home. Whether you’re looking for peaceful surroundings, a walkout on the lake, close proximity to work, or you need an in-law suite, he’ll build you a customized search to target your exacting needs. Please know that I will never rush you into making a decision, or try to push you into the most expensive property that will put you at the maximum amount that you can qualify for.

Helping You Sell Your Home

While selling real estate may seem simple, it’s actually a very complex process that can become very challenging and over whelming for the home owner. For example, knowing if you have to disclose things like:

  • Material Latent Defects
  • Dower Rights
  • Encroachment Agreements
  • RPR’s with compliance

The services of a professional real estate agent are what you need to ensure that you are correctly and completely represented throughout the whole process. I provide to my clients comprehensive real estate selling services that are tailored to you to not only make the sale successful, but very simple and easy to understand and as stress free as possible. I will take you step by step through the entire process to ensure that you are fully informed as to what will be done and then I will handle all the work. In order to establish the best and most accurate price, I will conduct a Competitive Market Analysis on the property. Then I proceed to create your customized marketing plan including high resolution digital pictures and a HD video of the property, followed by selecting the target market to advertise your property to achieve maximum exposure. I will ensure you get the highest price with the least amount of hassle by identifying what makes your home unique and bringing it to the right audience using his customized marketing plan. With this devotion to my clients’ needs, the execution of highly effective real estate sales services and strategies make me the most appealing agent for your needs. Through my professional partnerships and relationships, I can offer you a complete and exceptional marketing service coupled with professional and strategic insights that help in securing the best and most successful results in the sale of your home.

Helping You Build the Home of Your Dreams

Building your families dream home can be an exciting time. However, with the wrong builder, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. To help you ensure that you are working with the best fitting builder for your needs and visions, your real estate agent plays a crucial role. Through my connections with local builders who specialize in various types of designs and builds, I can help guide you and introduce to the builder that will best suited to making your visions and dreams a reality. But I won’t stop there, I will also help you in negotiating the best price with the builder and ensure that everything that was agreed upon is documented. Once the offer has been accepted and conditions removed, you will be in the care of the builder and their group of professionals. However, if you require further help during the construction process, such as with appointments where you choose your homes finishing’s, or with site visits, I can be there to help guide you and explain the process. With myself as your agent, you are never left alone when it comes to the building the home of your dreams.

In Closing, if you’re looking for a REALTOR® who pays attention to your needs, schedule and budget, who understands your little quirks, and works hard to achieve the best possible result for you, give me a call at (780) 915-0104 or contact me directly through my website and let’s start the process to create your personalized service today!!


Paulo Da Silva