Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan

My Home Selling Services are Detailed, Thorough and Proactive…The Result Being
Ensuring Your Home Gets SOLD!

When you are ready to take the next step and upgrade to a bigger home, then I’m here to help you with the sale of your current home. My home Marketing Plan will ensure your home gets seen by thousands of targeted motivated buyers throughout the city. I strive to deliver the results that you deserve (a quick sale, for the most money possible, with little hassles to you) by working harder to ensure that I maintain your goals as my priority.

The Da Silva Home Selling Strategy:

Starts with a Property Walk-Through

Together we will tour the property so that you can share with me the features that make your home special. During our walk through we can discuss what could be done prior to listing your home to make your home shine to prospective buyers. This may involve minor repairs, paint touch-ups, decluttering, and some recommendations on how to highlight the unique features of your home. Sometimes you’re considering some home renovations and you have questions as to which will help to improve the value or your home. I will be more than happy to discuss how buyers look at a property and ways to really remove any objections buyers may face.

Staging Tips

Effectively staging a home can transform the property, helping to create a lasting, positive first impression so that potential buyers see your home…as their home! Where appropriate, I can arrange a complimentary staging consultation with a trusted professional stager.

Measurements & Floor Plans

By having a property professionally measured and complete floor plan design, not only insures accuracy in my listings; but it not only helps potential buyers understand the homes size, its flow, the particular layout, but more importantly it helps them see how their possessions will fit within their new home.

Professional Photography, Virtual 3D Home Tours and High Definition Videography

We all know that you get ONE chance at making a great First Impression, and I want to make yours to be stunning! My professional photographers understand the use of proper angles and lighting to take beautiful pictures and virtual tours that help showcase your homes character and charm. To further highlight your homes wonderful features, a video tour (which may include aerial drone footage) will be created that will elevate a buyer’s emotional connection to your home, giving them an enhanced buying experience!

Detailed Property Profile

Buyers want to know as much as possible about a home. I make it a priority to know everything about your home in order to provide potential buyers with the insight that will increase their desire to purchase your home. This involves researching local schools, nearby amenities and services, and highlighting the best your neighbourhood has to offer.

Property Marketing Brochures

A meaningful write-up in a beautiful colour brochure containing a detailed property information sheets will help separate your home from all the other listings so that buyers remember your home and its features amongst all others they have viewed. This ensures your home is given priority in the minds of potential buyers as they consider which property they want to purchase.

Web Presence and Social Media

Over 90% of home buyers start their home search on-line! The internet is the tool of choice for home buyers, so ensuring your home gets the attention that gets it SOLD, it must be property advertised. I will create a custom website just for your home to expose it to potential buyers – which will be separate from all other sites.

Furthermore, I will showcase your home prominently on my website on the My Listings page. Your home will subsequently be shown on these local websites:,, It will also be shown in which will give it national exposure, and that’s important for buyers who are looking to a move to Edmonton.

High exposure on Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram will give your home an audience that might not normally be reached through real estate websites. The end goal is to put your home in front of as many eyes as possible.


The Key to a Great Showing - Always say ‘Yes’ to Showing Requests!

In a perfect world, you would have an endless amount of time to accommodate each showing request and prepare for them accordingly. The reality is, unfortunately, that a lot of showing requests are last minute, at the very best! Buyers run on very high emotions; and if they see something they like, then they want to see it now or as soon as possible! Learning to be flexible and accommodate a short notice request, is part of the game. 

Emotional buyers may cause you some grief up front to scramble and meet their request, but in the end, these are buyers that usually will offer more because they're emotionally invested. Buyers however, are also very vulnerable and they want to feel like their new home is somehow meant to be. Remember, if their short notice request is at first met with rejection, they may take it personally, see it as 'a sign' and quickly cross your home off their list.