Information for Buyers

Information for Buyers

I’m happy to see more and more people are looking to purchase a home in today’s market. It’s an exciting time for a buyer, but some can be overwhelmed with the whole process. By working with me as your REALTOR®, I will strive to give you an enjoyable and stress-free real estate experience. Let me help guide you through your amazing journey to becoming a new home owner.

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  • Start Your Home Search Right Now: Use this search tool to explore a wide variety homes including single-family, duplexes and condominiums on the market today.
  • Learn More About Edmonton and Surrounding Communities: Explore the benefits and the features of various communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Register for the Home Finder: Let me help you set up you search so your dream home come to you. My guests can also create saved searches, save their favourite properties and receive instant email alerts when new homes come on to the market that match their criteria.
  • My FREE Home Search App: You will love how easy it is to search for homes from your cell phone using my Free Home Search App.

What Buyers Really Need to Know

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The Home Buying Process

My Home Buying Process is an 8-step program designed to give you the information you need to guide you through your home purchase. It’s as easy as sitting down for a coffee and together we will determine your wants and needs in your home. Clarifying and understanding your needs and wants is an essential part of the foundation for which the services that I will provide you are built upon. Prioritizing and refining your wants and needs will help me focus on the types of properties that are most suitable for you.

I will help you avoid costly mistakes, explain the process of buying a home, and give personal recommendations for reputable mortgage brokers, inspectors, lawyers and any other professional service providers you may need to assist in your home purchase in Edmonton.  These sessions are free, scheduled at your convenience, and there is no obligation to work with me after the session.

Why Work With a REALTOR®?

In most cases, your home is your most valuable asset, and it makes sense to use a professional to assist you. A great real estate agent will provide you with key market insights, sound advice and save you endless hours of time and money – all while helping you reduce the stress of a large purchase, so you can truly enjoy the experience of buying your dream home.

Seven Advantages to Working With a REALTOR®

  1. It’s ABSOLUTLY FREE! As a buyer, your REALTOR®s fee does not come out of your pocket. Your agent is paid from a small portion of the equity a seller has in their home.
  2. To help you understand current market value of the home you’ve fallen in love with and ensure that are not overpaying!
  3. To give you all the facts about the properties you're interested in.
  4. To represent your best interests in the transaction! Remember, the listing agent is working for and representing the Seller. Your interests need to be protected.
  5. To help provide you with trusted professionals such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, lawyers to help you complete your home purchase if you don’t know any.
  6. To help you negotiate the best possible terms for you on your home purchase. Things like price, possession day, conditions for the sale.
  7. To help give you peace of mind when it comes to the countless details and timelines that go along with a home purchase.

Signing a Buyer Representation Agreement in Alberta

On July 1, 2014, the Real Estate Council of Alberta made a Written Service Agreement (often referred to as a “Buyer Representation Agreement”) between a REALTOR® and a client mandatory across Alberta. This means that you MUST have a signed Buyer Representation Agreement with a Real Estate Agent prior to looking at properties. Much like a contract when you sell your home, the Buyer Representation Agreement enhances consumer protection by providing greater clarity about the roles and obligations of real estate professionals and the you the client, and they reduce the potential for conflicts and confusion. This agreement further helps to increases the professionalism of our industry by outlining expectations and obligations and encourages a better working relationship between client and REALTOR®.

Offering You Loyalty!

I know that the most valuable asset that I have is my time. And although I’m generous with mine, it’s not in my business model to waste yours. You are sure to be impressed with my intuition, creative problem solving and efficient work manner.

True Go-Giver! My genuine kindness and magnetic personality are natural assets that helps separate me from the rest. Being well educated and ambitious, with a continuous thirst for knowledge. Once you get to know me, you’ll understand my true value that I can and want to offer YOU!

Home Buyer Search Tips

90% of home buyer’s start their home buying process online. The internet can be very helpful for you to get a sense of what’s available on the market, but keep in mind, it’s not a complete picture of the market or all potential properties that are available. Here’s what you can’t see online…

  1. Exclusive / Private sales are not found on MLS® - A savvy real estate professional is on the pulse of all potential homes for sale, both listed and unlisted.
  2. Insight and an insider’s edge – A real estate professional not only has access to more data than what is available online, but we bring expertise and a wealth of knowledge, so you can be confident in knowing you have a complete picture of each property that you are considering.